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Any criminal allegation has the potential to damage your life in many ways. Aside from the possibility of penalties such as fines, probation and even jail or prison, a criminal conviction could prevent you from certain jobs or other opportunities. The government has the burden of proving each part of your case beyond a reasonable doubt. When you put a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side, that burden gets a lot heavier.

For years, people across Ocala and northern Florida have put their faith in me, J. Melanie Slaughter. As a board-certified criminal trial lawyer, you can trust my knowledge and experience. As a former prosecutor, I understand criminal charges from all perspectives. This insight is very valuable to my clients. All in all, I have more than 20 years of criminal law experience, and have defended individuals facing all types of allegations, including:

Whether you face felony or misdemeanor charges, or are in state court or federal court, I will work tirelessly to present the strongest possible defense.

Most Criminal Cases Are Won Or Lost Well Before Trial

The work your criminal defense attorney does in the pretrial stages of a case will go a long way to the ultimate success or failure of your case. I aggressively defend cases from the beginning, analyzing the facts and the law to find any weaknesses in the prosecution's case. If there are weaknesses, I attack relentlessly, doing everything possible before trial to show the prosecution why they should dismiss or reduce your charges.

At the same time, I will be candid about the strengths and weaknesses in your case from the beginning. I want you to have realistic expectations, while knowing that I will do everything possible within the law to protect your rights.

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