Family Law: Keeping You In Control

Whether you're considering filing for divorce or have been served by your spouse, you're likely stressed out, angry and worried about what's going to happen to you personally, professionally and financially.

I am attorney J. Melanie Slaughter, and I have been helping individuals and families in Ocala and throughout northern Florida who are going through divorce and other family law-related matters find clarity, develop a plan and retake control of their lives.

More Than Just Your Lawyer, I'm Your Guide And Support System

As your attorney, I will work closely with you to account for all aspects of your divorce. Ultimately, these matters often end with a negotiated settlement. That is why I will help you keep things in perspective while offering advice on how to reach timely, amicable solutions that protect what's important. All too often, couples let their emotions run wild and pick petty fights with one another that only drive up costs, cause delays and put undue stress on all parties involved.

When we sit down together, we will talk about you, your divorce, your kids and all other relevant factors that will play into your case. By setting realistic goals and expectations, we can have honest conversations regarding the direction we take when resolving:

You want your divorce to be over and done with, so you can start moving forward. You want to protect the relationship you have with your kids, and you want to maintain a sense of financial security.

But do you understand Florida's child custody laws? Do you know how much alimony is enough or whether you'll be stuck paying too much? Have you considered how dividing your marital property, financial assets and debts will affect you long term?

When you reach out to me, attorney Melanie Slaughter, I'll help you find answers while working toward a solution. I want you to feel empowered with the information and representation you need to pursue an outcome that is right for you and your family.

Considering Divorce? It's Time To Talk With An Attorney.

To schedule a consultation at my Ocala law office, call 352-414-5945 or send an email by completing an online contact form. Spanish-language services available.