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Child custody cases stressful outside the courtroom

Quite a few Florida parents have made an appearance in a family court at one time or another. Child custody cases are not uncommon by any means, though each case, much like each family, is unique. Before a child custody case is adjudicated and a custody order is signed by a judge, parents will have to hang in there and do their best to handle the stresses of the legal process. Most parents look forward to the day the proceedings are over, but it is wise to be aware that potential troubles may still loom. 

When a child has two parents that share time, it is not uncommon for one parent to get more physical time than the other. When courts make decisions about how a child's time will be divided, each family's unique circumstances are taken into account. It is not uncommon for parents to disagree or even struggle with personal issues between themselves and the other parent. 

Violating no contact orders carries serious consequences

The state of Florida aims to keep residents safe. If someone poses a threat to an individual, no contact orders can prevent further abuse or harassment. Even if a person has not caused physical harm to a victim, the law enforces these orders, and violating one can result in criminal consequences. 

Recently, a Florida woman made headlines when she allegedly scammed an elderly veteran out of monies donated by charity. Though she has been charged with crimes related to the situation, she has not been convicted of anything. The details of the case are muddy, at best. The woman's boyfriend was allegedly the one who attempted to scam the victim by asking for money on the woman's behalf, and he has been charged as well. 

Have you considered how a DUI will affect your future

You are about to interview for the dream job you have always wanted. In fact, you believe that you will be the top candidate, as you tell friends at a weekend party.

You drink a bit too much, and on your way home, a law enforcement officer stops you on suspicion of DUI. Will a conviction for drunk driving jeopardize that dream job? How will it affect your future?

Tips for sharing child custody during the holidays

The holiday season has officially begun, and Florida families probably have quite a few events on the calendar in the next several weeks. In addition to traditional holidays, it is not uncommon for children to have special occasions at school or an extracurricular activity. It's great to support children by attending an event to cheer a child on, but many parents might be worried about how to share child custody during these busy weeks. 

Each family is unique, and there is no arrangement that is guaranteed to work for every co-parenting situation, but there are a few tips that might help. The most important aspect of any child custody case is the well-being of the child. Even if parents do not get along, planning ahead can help things remain civil. 

New year, new rules for Florida divorce?

Halloween has passed, and the holiday season has officially begun. Before Florida residents can catch their breath, it will be time to ring in a new year. Law makers are already looking to 2020 and a possible shakeup of the way courts handle divorce proceedings

Most people have probably heard the word alimony, which is defined as the payment of financial provisions from one spouse to the other in the event of divorce. Currently, most alimony orders have no end date, and the spouse responsible for making the payments may end up paying for the rest of the recipient's life. Some law makers feel that this is unfair, and it also creates a negative habit of dependence on the recipient's end. 

Man learns you cannot buy your way out of a DUI

Drivers might be familiar with the sudden nervous gut drop that accompanies the realization that the police are pulling you over. Sometimes, a driver may not know why the police are signaling to stop. In Florida, police are cracking down on violations like speeding and DUI. 

Recently, a man was stopped by Florida police after police attest that he seemed to be driving erratically, swerving and hitting the curb several times. When the driver did pull over, police say they saw open containers of alcohol in his car. The man did not speak English, so the police relied on one of the officers to translate. 

False allegations may affect child custody decision

Florida parents may be able to recall a situation in which frustration was felt toward another parent or legal guardian. Though it might be tempting to dig up dirt or give a court reason to decide in your favor, parents should be aware that if allegations made during a child custody battle cannot be proven, it could potentially spell big trouble for the person that made the report. Even if a parent fears they may not get the arrangement they want, parents should let the courts decide what is best for a child based on provable facts. 

Recently, a Florida policeman and father of a young child found himself in the middle of a custody battle with the child's mother. He called a child abuse hotline to report that the sitter the child's mother entrusted was abusing the child. Social workers tasked with determining if abuse had occurred could find no evidence to support the claim. 

What to do if your ex will not follow the time-sharing schedule

Divorce, as a whole, involves conflict, but issues surrounding the children can be especially contentious. It takes a lot of work to come up with a parenting plan, whether you two created the terms yourselves or the judge had to make the decision. It may bring you relief once that part is over.

However, what if your ex does not follow the time-sharing agreement? Perhaps he or she denies you of your rightful time with the children or is always late to pick up or drop off the kids. Whatever the issue, you have options to resolve it.

How to keep stress to a minimum in a Florida divorce

When you make the decision to end your marriage in a Florida court, you no doubt understand that it is going to have an impact on all aspects of your life, especially if you have children. While divorce disrupts kids' lives, it certainly doesn't have to ruin them. Knowing where to seek support to help you and your family cope is key to keeping stress levels low.

One of your highest priorities in divorce is to resolve child custody or child support issues. Also, problems regarding property division, marital assets or alimony can exacerbate stress levels, especially so in cases where spouses disagree. Finding a fair solution to a particular problem is easier if an experienced family law attorney is on hand to provide guidance and support to a concerned spouse.

Woman fired after DUI accusation

Innocent until proved guilty is the law of the land, but one Florida woman recently learned that an employer may not always be so patient. Being accused of DUI can affect a person before his or her case has even been adjudicated. She now faces charges in court and has become unemployed at the same time. 

The woman was employed as the child investigation supervisor for a Florida sheriff's department. Early one evening, deputies noticed a vehicle that was speeding and seemed to be swerving in and out of the lane. They pulled the vehicle over and discovered it was driven by the woman in question. 

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