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No contact orders for children

Florida parents know how difficult it can be to find a reliable person to watch children while a parent is at work. Summer vacation has begun for children, but many parents must adhere to a regular work schedule to keep a job and pay the bills. Trusting a sitter or daycare with a child can be a difficult decision. When a child is harmed by an employee who was entrusted with the child's care, parents may want to look into no contact orders

Recently, the manager at a day care heard several young children fussing. The day care was equipped with cameras that could record and broadcast live streams. The manager tuned into the stream to see what was going on. 

Mixing over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions may spell trouble

Your familiarity with the interaction of prescriptions and alcohol keeps you from drinking while taking your pain medication. You do not want to experience an adverse effect, especially while driving.

Do you also know that you need to consider the effect over-the-counter drugs may have on you when paired with a prescription? While you may not expect it, you may wind up impaired, and if driving, it may land you in hot water. Understanding what you can and cannot take while taking a prescription may mean the difference between getting home safely and finding yourself in jail –or worse.

Mother facing loss of child custody

Sometimes, home life can get a bit chaotic. If a Florida parent finds him- or herself in a position where the home environment is unraveling, it may be a good idea to ask for help. If authorities begin to suspect that a child is in a situation that could be described as neglectful, they will take action, and a parent can face loss of child custody

Recently, a Florida mother was under investigation for neglect. She was told that the state would be taking custody of her young son. Surely, this would be a difficult situation for any parent to face. A parent may feel as if his or her personal failure has cost them the opportunity to raise his or her own child. 

Late rapper's child to undergo paternity test

Welcoming a child into the world is a joyous occasion. Florida parents have lots to prepare before bringing baby home. One thing that should be taken care of after a baby is born is to establish paternity. In a recent story, a mother has had to work very hard to do so on her own, because the child's father is deceased. 

Last year, up-and-coming hip hop artist XXXTentacion was gunned down. As the world mourned the death of the man that was quickly becoming a voice of the young generation, a young woman was devastated because she was carrying his child. Still early in the pregnancy when the death occurred, she immediately began to face questions from other people about the true paternity of the unborn child.

Protecting your rights when accused of DUI

Usually, Florida police officers are the ones making the traffic stops. Recently, one officer got a taste of the "other side" when he was involved in an accident while off-duty. Fortunately, he knew his rights, and the story serves as a reminder to all persons accused of DUI to protect their rights during these situations. 

The off-duty officer allegedly appeared to be under the influence after bumping into the rear of another vehicle. The officers that responded to the accident asked him if he had been drinking, and he admitted that earlier in the day he had, but maintained that he was not drunk. He gladly attempted to comply with a field sobriety test, but an ankle injury skewed the results. 

Important elements you should have in a parenting agreement

When you and your spouse are going through a divorce, creating a good parenting plan will take time, thought and teamwork.

You and your soon-to-be ex do not have to be friends, but you should communicate well enough that you include the parenting plan elements that are most important in terms of benefitting your children. Here are six of those elements.

Best to stick to the plan when it comes to child custody

Florida parents know that when it comes to making plans involving children, it can be difficult to stick to the proposed itinerary. Parents should be aware, however, that when it comes to child custody orders, a parent can get in big trouble for revamping the schedule without approval. Recently, music artist Kelis appears to be learning this the hard way. 

Kelis' trouble stems from a formal complaint to the court from her ex-husband and fellow musician Nas. The pair share children from their previous marriage, and have a formal child custody order to abide by. Nas has informed the court that Kelis often acts outside the confines of the order, and it is affecting his relationship with his children. 

No contact orders not always upon victim request

Florida residents may have seen the recent news stories surrounding yet another reality television star. "Mama" June Shannon, (made famous alongside former toddler beauty pageant queen daughter Alana, known and beloved the world over by her stage name, Honey BooBoo), recently found herself making headlines, and not for a good reason. Several weeks ago, Shannon and her boyfriend were arrested on various charges, and because domestic violence was suspected between the pair, no contact orders were put in place. 

Shannon is begging the court to lift the no contact orders. She claims that she needs her boyfriend's help to manage daily life, due to her continuously depleting eyesight. She also claims that on the night the pair was arrested, no violence occurred and that she was not afraid of her boyfriend, though witnesses told police otherwise. 

What about Dad? The push for paternity leave

Dads are important, and a growing number of lawmakers and advocates would like to see that reflected in new legislation. Though it is surely indisputable that being a father requires hard work and dedication, many employers still do not offer any sort of paternity leave. In fact, the United States is one of the only developed countries that still lacks paid parental leave for new parents. 

Though some private Florida companies offer unpaid paternity leave, this option may not be feasible for parents who cannot afford to take several weeks off work with no pay. A new act, called the CRADLE act, hopes to provide some relief. Recently submitted to legislators, the act, if passed, would allow new parents to draw money out of their Social Security benefits to cover the costs of a few weeks at home with the new baby. This way, hard-working mothers and fathers could opt to access the money that they have paid into the Social Security system early, and for a good cause.

Divorce requires people to adjust plans for their golden years

The end of a marriage will bring about many significant changes for a reader and his or her Florida family. From living arrangements to financial security, divorce will require adjustments in virtually every aspect of life, including retirement. This is a particularly pressing concern for people who are over the age of 50 and considering retirement in the near future.

When a couple age 50 and up decides to divorce, it is known as a gray divorce. Gray divorce is now quite common, but it is beneficial for people to consider how this step will impact their plans for their golden years. One important consideration is to factor how a divorce will impact monthly cash flow. It is also important to weigh post-divorce income versus expenses in order to determine what is needed simply to make ends meet.

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