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Parents facing child custody dilemma in Florida

A panel of experts was recently assembled to look into a growing problem for families in Florida. Children in Florida and several other states are having trouble gaining access to proper mental health care. While one might think a family that cannot afford such care would be given assistance from the state, this is not always the case. Some parents now feel forced to relinquish child custody so that their children can get the care they need. 

The investigation, sparked by a Florida lawmaker, has revealed that many desperate families are facing a gut-wrenching choice. Parents attest that while they have a child in the home that is in grave need of mental health care, the parents may not qualify for assistance even if they truly can't afford such services. These parents say that even if their child has had multiple documented mental health emergencies, they cannot provide the care recommended by professionals. 

Know your Miranda rights during a DUI arrest

Despite the constant warnings, many people in Florida still choose to drink and drive. In fact, a state priest recently ran into legal trouble when the cops saw him swerving through the road and almost hitting a fire hydrant. 

From the moment the police pull you over, you have your rights. The police cannot infringe on those rights, and if they do, then you can use that to your advantage in court. It is vital you understand your Miranda rights so that you can start building a case for any DUI charges you end up with. 

Sports entertainment star arrested for DUI

Florida residents may be fans of the WWE, which provides viewers with a unique experience branded as sports entertainment. Each week, thousands of Americans tune in to watch the flagship programs Smackdown and Raw, and many fans enjoy cheering for their favorite performers. This week, both Smackdown and RAW were filmed in front of a live crowd in Florida, and one performer, though victorious in the ring, was later arrested for DUI

Jimmy Uso comes from a family that has a long-standing history in the league. With his brother by his side, the pair has become a formidable opponent in the tag team division. His father and wife are also big names in the WWE universe, each with respective accomplishments. 

Are you prepared to deal with a divorce?

Florida residents might be ready to end a marriage. People decide to divorce for a myriad of reasons, and each divorce is unique. However, divorce, at its core, is a legal process, and it may be difficult to separate feelings and emotions from court proceedings. 

Many people feel overwhelmed and scared when considering what it will really be like to start over alone, without the presence of a spouse. Experts offer some handy tips to cope with the emotional aspects of a divorce. Though each individual may experience feelings ranging from anger to grief, there are some common threads that can help a person transition to a new way of life. 

ATV DUI? Yes, it's certainly possible

Florida residents may be among the throngs of Americans that enjoy riding ATVs. These recreational vehicles can be a fun way to travel off the main roads. Teens especially may enjoy the thrill of driving, away from the pressure of traffic on the roads. Many people may not be aware that laws about driving under the influence still apply when operating an ATV, and now a Florida teen is facing DUI charges

The teen and a passenger were spending the day riding an ATV on a trail in the woods. The teen was unable to maintain control, and the vehicle hit a tree. The passenger was seriously injured, and unfortunately did not survive the crash. 

No contact orders for children

Florida parents know how difficult it can be to find a reliable person to watch children while a parent is at work. Summer vacation has begun for children, but many parents must adhere to a regular work schedule to keep a job and pay the bills. Trusting a sitter or daycare with a child can be a difficult decision. When a child is harmed by an employee who was entrusted with the child's care, parents may want to look into no contact orders

Recently, the manager at a day care heard several young children fussing. The day care was equipped with cameras that could record and broadcast live streams. The manager tuned into the stream to see what was going on. 

Mixing over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions may spell trouble

Your familiarity with the interaction of prescriptions and alcohol keeps you from drinking while taking your pain medication. You do not want to experience an adverse effect, especially while driving.

Do you also know that you need to consider the effect over-the-counter drugs may have on you when paired with a prescription? While you may not expect it, you may wind up impaired, and if driving, it may land you in hot water. Understanding what you can and cannot take while taking a prescription may mean the difference between getting home safely and finding yourself in jail –or worse.

Mother facing loss of child custody

Sometimes, home life can get a bit chaotic. If a Florida parent finds him- or herself in a position where the home environment is unraveling, it may be a good idea to ask for help. If authorities begin to suspect that a child is in a situation that could be described as neglectful, they will take action, and a parent can face loss of child custody

Recently, a Florida mother was under investigation for neglect. She was told that the state would be taking custody of her young son. Surely, this would be a difficult situation for any parent to face. A parent may feel as if his or her personal failure has cost them the opportunity to raise his or her own child. 

Late rapper's child to undergo paternity test

Welcoming a child into the world is a joyous occasion. Florida parents have lots to prepare before bringing baby home. One thing that should be taken care of after a baby is born is to establish paternity. In a recent story, a mother has had to work very hard to do so on her own, because the child's father is deceased. 

Last year, up-and-coming hip hop artist XXXTentacion was gunned down. As the world mourned the death of the man that was quickly becoming a voice of the young generation, a young woman was devastated because she was carrying his child. Still early in the pregnancy when the death occurred, she immediately began to face questions from other people about the true paternity of the unborn child.

Protecting your rights when accused of DUI

Usually, Florida police officers are the ones making the traffic stops. Recently, one officer got a taste of the "other side" when he was involved in an accident while off-duty. Fortunately, he knew his rights, and the story serves as a reminder to all persons accused of DUI to protect their rights during these situations. 

The off-duty officer allegedly appeared to be under the influence after bumping into the rear of another vehicle. The officers that responded to the accident asked him if he had been drinking, and he admitted that earlier in the day he had, but maintained that he was not drunk. He gladly attempted to comply with a field sobriety test, but an ankle injury skewed the results. 

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