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Establishing paternity can be an important step for parents

In the state of Florida, if a married couple has a child, the husband is presumed to be the father. In cases where parents are unmarried, or if there is any question as to who is a child's biological father, establishing paternity can be a bit more tricky. Several methods can be used to legally determine who has fathered a child. 

Violation of child custody orders can lead to serious charges

Florida parents would likely agree that when it comes to their children, they would do anything in their power to ensure that their children are allowed to lead happy, healthy lives. Often times, when two parents maintain separate households but have mutual children, the court will put a child custody order into place. A custody order explains the role of each parent where any mutual children are concerned. Sometimes, parents will share custody, while in other situations, a judge may decide that it is best for the children to remain in the sole custody of one parent. 

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