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DUI enforcement leads to accusations against officer

Though the winter months are commonly referred to as "the holiday season," law enforcement has given these weeks another moniker. "DUI season" is upon us, and Florida law enforcement is in high alert as they attempt to spot drivers who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Though statistics do indicate that the winter months yield a higher number of DUI arrests, some of the accused may be victims of overzealous police action. 

How to lower your child support obligation

From the court fees to the loss in marital property, divorce tends to be an expensive process that changes your finances for the worse for a while. It is even more overwhelming when you are the one who has to pay child support to your ex. It can become hard to keep up on payments when you experience struggles in life.

How long will my divorce take? Well, it depends

It is estimated that 13% of Florida adults are divorced. Though people may choose divorce for a variety of reasons, in Florida, there are two types. An uncontested divorce means that both parties are in agreement, and these sorts of proceedings may only take a few weeks. In the case of the other option, a contested divorce, the process may take several years to complete. 

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