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Child custody cases stressful outside the courtroom

Quite a few Florida parents have made an appearance in a family court at one time or another. Child custody cases are not uncommon by any means, though each case, much like each family, is unique. Before a child custody case is adjudicated and a custody order is signed by a judge, parents will have to hang in there and do their best to handle the stresses of the legal process. Most parents look forward to the day the proceedings are over, but it is wise to be aware that potential troubles may still loom. 

Tips for sharing child custody during the holidays

The holiday season has officially begun, and Florida families probably have quite a few events on the calendar in the next several weeks. In addition to traditional holidays, it is not uncommon for children to have special occasions at school or an extracurricular activity. It's great to support children by attending an event to cheer a child on, but many parents might be worried about how to share child custody during these busy weeks. 

False allegations may affect child custody decision

Florida parents may be able to recall a situation in which frustration was felt toward another parent or legal guardian. Though it might be tempting to dig up dirt or give a court reason to decide in your favor, parents should be aware that if allegations made during a child custody battle cannot be proven, it could potentially spell big trouble for the person that made the report. Even if a parent fears they may not get the arrangement they want, parents should let the courts decide what is best for a child based on provable facts. 

Parents facing child custody dilemma in Florida

A panel of experts was recently assembled to look into a growing problem for families in Florida. Children in Florida and several other states are having trouble gaining access to proper mental health care. While one might think a family that cannot afford such care would be given assistance from the state, this is not always the case. Some parents now feel forced to relinquish child custody so that their children can get the care they need. 

Mother facing loss of child custody

Sometimes, home life can get a bit chaotic. If a Florida parent finds him- or herself in a position where the home environment is unraveling, it may be a good idea to ask for help. If authorities begin to suspect that a child is in a situation that could be described as neglectful, they will take action, and a parent can face loss of child custody

Best to stick to the plan when it comes to child custody

Florida parents know that when it comes to making plans involving children, it can be difficult to stick to the proposed itinerary. Parents should be aware, however, that when it comes to child custody orders, a parent can get in big trouble for revamping the schedule without approval. Recently, music artist Kelis appears to be learning this the hard way. 

Reality show star Kathryn Dennis battles for child custody

Florida parents who divorce or who were never married but have children together often have to negotiate co-parenting plans when they decide to end their relationships. If said parents disagree about child custody or other parenting issues, it may lead to litigation, with each parent doing his or her best to win the court's favor. Such is the case for "Southern Charm" stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, who are currently engaged in a contentious battle for custody of their two children.

How to handle child custody disputes

Many Florida parents may be familiar with the stress that can occur when an argument about custody arises. Sometimes it can be quite difficult for parents to discuss custody, and when there is a dispute, a situation can quickly escalate. Parents should be aware that when it comes to child custody disputes, it is often not a good idea to try to handle it alone. 

Biological father charged for violating child custody order

Florida parents may understand the heartache that can come when parents who do not share a household argue over custody. Sometimes, it can be difficult for a parent to obey a child custody order that limits or prohibits the individual from spending time with his or her children. Parents should be aware, however, that when it comes to matters of child custody, it is against the law to take matters into one's own hands, and if such an order is found to have been violated, a parent can face serious criminal charges. 

Babysitter involved in deaths had personal child custody issue

When Florida parents are looking for a babysitter to care for their children in their absence, they may seek a fellow parent who is used to caring for kids. Parents may feel as if someone who is currently raising his or her own brood is more understanding and informed of common situations that can arise when caring for little ones. Unfortunately, one cannot assume that a sitter with children is a good choice on that fact alone. Recently, after two children died on her watch, it was revealed that one woman was in a child custody battle of her own. 

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